I fell in love with single-frame animation at primary school aged 11 and received a grant from the Australian Film Commission to make a short film when I was 14. I also fell in love with surfing and bought a Super 8 camera which I on a trip to Indonesia after high school and made my first surf travelogue. 

I did a BA majoring in Film & TV at Curtin University in West Australia and after graduation worked with a wildlife documentary unit for a TV station, STW Channel 9 in Perth, then as a cameraman for Perth's largest production company, Western Images, for nearly 3 years. This company owned an Arri BL1V and a Mitchell S35R as well as a Super 16 SR2 and Aaton XTR. I worked on a mixture of TVC's, some for national and international clients and industrial/corporate docos often flying to the Northwest of WA to film on offshore oil and gas rigs for Woodside or to iron ore mines and the goldfields.

I've since worked as a freelance Director of Photography for over 20 years including assignments in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco, Mozambique, Sth Africa, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Peru, Chile and Brazil as well as Europe, Fiji and the United States.

I have an affinity with the ocean and have been a contributing DOP alongside Jack McCoy on 4 surfing documentaries he's directed, and 2 feature films. I've also directed and shot several surfing documentaries, including the internationally-released Rip Curl film 'Stomp.' I've shot more than 100 TVC's, many on 16 & 35mm film as well as digital formats and won the PADC award for Best Cinematography in a TVC. 

I'm familiar with all film and video formats including RED & Alexa, & currently own a RED Epic W camera. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about achieving their vision. I've had a broad range of experience including directing cameras on a reality television series, operating camera on drama series and 2nd Unit on feature films. I have a strong work ethic; am happy working long hours and am dependable in difficult situations. I play the guitar and sing even when others try to stop me!

Feel free to shoot me an email here and say hi, I'd love to hear from you.